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Walk In Baths are experienced professionals in the mobility industry.

We provide information on a comprehensive range of easy access bathing products, including walk in baths, bath lifts, walk in showers, easy access showers, wet room solutions and assisted bathing accessories.

Whether you are looking to find a ‘disabled bathing’ product to help improve the quality of your life, or you are looking for an easy access bathing product to adapt your existing bathroom, we are here to help you find a solution.

We have strong and long standing relationships with the manufacturers, which allow us to get the best prices on quality assisted bathing aids.

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Why choose a walk in bath? Nothing is more relaxing than a good soak in the bath, refreshing aching bodies and revitalising tired minds. This is even truer for people that are less mobile, however getting in and out of a conventional bath can pose a real problem; a walk in bath answers this issue, making bathing a safe, easy and pleasurable experience.

A walk in bath gives the user back the independence that they would not otherwise have whilst bathing and we understand how important that is.

Whatever the user's needs and the layout of the bathroom it is possible to find a walk in bath to meet all requirements.

Our vast walk in bath range includes a walk in bath designed for small bathrooms and a selection of walk in bath options for regular sized bathrooms. We also offer a bespoke walk in bath design service if you wish to have something more unique.

Every walk in bath featured in this website can also be fitted with a hydrotherapy system on demand for extra luxury whilst you soak.

Plenty of options are available if you wish to have a walk in bath that matches the décor in the bathroom, we manufacture every walk in bath in a number of different colours designed to match your existing bathroom suite.

Owning a walk in bath is much more affordable than you may expect with prices started at under £1000 (plus fitting). To obtain a quotation for your specific walk in bath requirement please contact us.

Fitting a walk in bath is surprisingly straightforward and can usually be done without making significant changes to the bathroom, in fact most walk in bath models can be fitted in the space previously occupied by the standard bath.

Typically a walk in bath can be fitted in just one day by a member of our skilled and experienced fitting team. Upon fitting the walk in bath they will explain the use and maintenance of the walk in bath and of course give it a fill to demonstrate it is ready to go.

Every walk in bath featured on this site is designed, manufactured and fitted to exacting standards of quality and workmanship. We trade on our reputation and so it is vital every single walk in bath customer is entirely satisfied with every element of their purchase.

Why Choose a Disabled Bath?

Disabled baths give the user the ability to bathe safely, conveniently and securely.

If you or a loved one is elderly, infirm or physically disabled and can no longer bathe comfortably then disabled baths enable them to enjoy bathing again.

The Benefits of Disabled Baths

Disabled baths give the user the option for a good soak rather than having to use a shower.

Whilst walk in showers offer one solution, disabled baths offer much more than just cleansing. In disabled baths water cushions the body tak Baths are not just for physical cleansing, they have therapeutic qualities that should never be underestimated. Disabled baths can offer a host of benefits to the user where they are supported and cushioned by the water to ease strained and tired muscles. The waterproof inward opening doors of disabled baths mean that access is safe and simple and the bather can rest assured that once in the disabled bath the adjustable seat will support you while you relax.ing the weight from aching and tired muscles giving a significant therapeutic effect.

Disabled baths give the user these benefits whilst providing them with assurances they will be able to use the disabled bath safely, removing a commonly encountered anxiety experienced by elderly or infirm users of conventional baths.

Difference Between Disabled Baths and Walk in Baths

Disabled baths are designed to incorporate features that take into account the user's needs.

A walk in bath still requires the user to step in however disabled baths include an adjustable seat taking away this need. Disabled baths are a necessity for many including wheelchair and zimmer frame users and the seat in the disabled bath also supports the user while they relax.

Most disabled baths can be used independently by those with modest upper body strength but even when a carer is required to supervise use of the disabled bath its likely they will need to make minimal intervention.

The taps used on disabled baths are important and easy to reach lever tap designs enable disabled baths to be easily filled. Thermostatic controls on disabled baths ensure safe water temperature.

Quick empty mechanisms on disabled baths are available to ensure the comfort of the user.

Anti-slip coatings on the disabled baths offer that further level of assurance.

Some of the disabled baths on this site feature easy to remove doors should a carer need to gain access to the bather.

A hydrotherapy system is an option for most of the disabled baths on this site and this is good addition to be considered for your disabled bath. The circulation of water and bubbles through the disabled bath provides additional relief to users, especially those with rheumatic or arthritic conditions.

To determine if a walk in bath, walk in shower or disabled bath is the right solution contact our team of experts to discuss your needs.

A Quick Guide to Walk in Showers

Walk in showers offer an alternative to walk in baths for the less mobile, they provide easy access and safe use.

If you are looking for a walk in shower that is easy to use, stylish and affordable then you are in the right place. We have a great range of walk in showers to meet every requirement.

A Diverse Range of Walk in Showers

Looking for enclosures for walk in showers, curved walk in showers, walk in showers to fit into existing alcoves or walk in showers with a minimalist appearance? You are sure to find it here and we have solutions to suit every bathroom.

Within the range we have walk in showers that can be accessed from the side or the corner. We have walk in showers that are rectangular, d-shaped or curved. We have walk in showers with sliding and pivot doors or with no doors at all.

Our walk in showers give you the ultimate showering experience.

Walk in Showers for Every Space

Walk in showers offer a great solution for the smaller bathroom and en suites they provide a great showering experience without taking up a lot of space.

Walk in Showers can be fitted into a larger bathroom alongside a bath (either a walk in bath or conventional one) offering alternative bathing options.

Walk in Showers for every Budget

Our range of walk in showers offers a solution to every need, bathroom and budget whether you are looking for a basic walk in shower or luxurious walk in showers. Look at the product pages on this website or contact us for pricing information on our full range of walk in showers.

Selecting Your Walk in Shower

With so many different types of walk in showers to choose from it can be difficult choosing. If you are getting a full bathroom fitted then your plumber will be able to help you select the perfect walk in shower or you may wish to contact our team who will guide you through the options to select the right walk in shower.

Fitting Your Walk in Shower

Your walk in shower can be fitted by your own plumber in which case we will supply it delivered and ready for installation. Or we can fit your walk in shower using our team of fitters with extensive experience installing walk in showers.

Disabled Shower Considerations

When considering the needs of the elderly, infirm or disabled a shower is one option to take into account.

A disabled shower is wholly suitable for the wheelchair, zimmer frame and walking stick user and, as the user showers seated, it is also a good choice for those that find it difficult to stand or lay in the same position for long.

Disabled showers are easy to accommodate within the home, affordable and meets the needs of most users. The adjustments needed to the home for disabled showers are not at the exclusion of able bodied members of the household and disabled showers solutions look modern and contemporary.

There is a vast range of disabled showers solutions available that can be fitted into most homes and the disabled showers available vary from the functional to the downright luxurious, depending upon both needs and budget.

When selecting a disabled shower solution there are several elements to take into account:

Disabled Shower Enclosures

Disabled shower enclosures vary from a complete wet room, to a space previously occupied by a bath to a corner enclosure. The options are as wide ranging as the spaces into which they need to be fitted. Every disabled shower enclosure offered comes with an anti-slip coating option.

Disabled Shower Trays

Disabled shower trays are fitted at floor level for hazard free access, these are either flat in design or recessed into the floor.

Disabled Shower Chairs

Disabled shower chairs are important to the overall effectiveness of the solution. We offer a variety of disabled shower chairs to suit the needs of the user. Every disabled shower chair is robust, comfortable and easy to clean.

Disabled Shower Grab Rails

The inclusion of grab rails in a disabled shower solution is vital enabling the user to manoeuvre themselves safely.

Handicap Bathing Choices

If you or a loved one suffers from a handicap bathing can be a difficult activity fraught with hazards and anxiety.

This is a great shame as handicap bathing should offer respite from aches and pains, an opportunity to let the water cushion the body and relieve sore muscles. Bathing should be a restorative experience.

We firmly believe that handicap bathing should be as relaxing and restful for the physically impaired as it is for the able bodied. Handicap bathing requires special facilities and equipment to ensure this is the case.

Often handicap bathing requires the assistance of a carer and this lack of independence can be particularly embarrassing. With the correct handicap bathing solution the intervention of another person to provide assistance can be minimised and sometimes eliminated.

On this site we bring together a comprehensive selection of handicap bathing solutions and practical advice to ensure that whichever your handicap bathing needs you can select facilities and equipment that meets them.

Handicap bathing options include walk in baths, walk in showers, disabled baths and disabled showers. The correct choice for you depends upon the handicap bathing needs of the individual and the space into which the solution is to be fitted.

On this site we offer a comprehensive selection of all handicap bathing solutions and practical advice to guide you in making the right selection of handicap bathing equipment for your needs.

If you require further guidance then please contact our team of experts who will discuss your handicap bathing requirement and can arrange for a specialist to call and carry out a handicap bathing survey.

Disabled Bathing Solutions

For the elderly, infirm or physically disabled many aspects of everyday life pose a challenge.

Disabled bathing is a key area where a person can gain back a level of independence provided the facilities they have are suitable to their specific needs. Disabled bathing is particularly pertinent as bathing is such a personal experience and retaining self-sufficiency in this area has particular meaning. For a person that is disabled bathing also offers many therapeutic benefits.

Disabled bathing solutions offer the individual the opportunity to relax and unwind safe in the assurance that the whole bathing experience from entering to exiting the bath or shower can be done safely and in comfort.

Walk in baths, walk in showers, disabled baths and disabled showers are all disabled bathing solutions to be considered.

Whether the disabled bathing solution is to be fitted into a care home for multiple users or an individual's home, there is a disabled bathing option to suit every need.

When it comes to residential solutions disabled bathing needs must be balanced against the needs of the other members of the household. Many disabled bathing solutions now available can be installed alongside none disabled bathing options or enjoyed by able bodied members of the household. Disabled bathing facilities can even be matched to the colour of an existing bathroom suite to make their presence as subtle as possible.

When considering disabled bathing needs the decisions should extend to the details of the facilities supplied. Thermostatic controls are essential and when selecting items such as door closures, dials and taps for disabled bathing. It is vital that the user finds them easy to operate and will continue to do so should their condition deteriorate. Disabled bathing options should also include non-slip surfaces and the positioning of grab rails.