Walk in Baths - A Guide How to Buy An Easy Access Walk in Shower

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A Guide How to Buy the Right Easy Access Walk in ShowerA Guide How to Buy An Easy Access Walk in Shower

There are two standard designs for easy access showers – often referred to as walk in showers – you should either choose a low level access shower tray design or a wet room or wet floor shower area.

Low Level Access Shower Trays

This design usually consists of a specially designed shower cubicle, taking up the space of a standard bath size. However, dependent on the manufacturer you choose, there is a lot of variety in shapes and sizes suitable to match your individual needs.

At the bottom of the shower cubicle, a flat shower tray allows easy accessibility.  Wheelchair access is an option in some designs.

The shower doors are either single or double doors, which open wide. You can choose whether you would like the door to be full or half height, as well as the added option of a shower curtain. We do recommend half height doors for those with more acute accessibility and support needs, as this option allows the carer to help the user wash.

A further option that we recommend you consider is the non slip flooring. You should discuss this with the manufacturer to see what they can offer but it really does help to improve safety. A seat is a further added extra, which is worth investing in for added comfort.

Wet Rooms and Wet Floor Shower Areas

The wet room consists of a fully waterproof room with a graduated drainage system.

As with walk in showers, there are a lot of ‘extras’ that you should consider depending on your individual requirements, such as shower curtains, non slip floors, doors, and seating.

Although the wet room is notably the more expensive option, it is worthwhile and allows the user more independence and much easier accessibility.

What you need to consider:

  • YOUR needs
  • Decide your budget
  • Choose a reputable company and ring for free advice before deciding
  • Easy entrance and exit from the shower
  • Simple and accessible shower controls
  • Flooring – ensure its non-slip or a flat shower tray to improve accessibility
  • Seats – consider whether you need one or not and discuss with the manufacturer the best option for your needs
  • Shower curtains – an added benefit to help retain the water
  • Doors – full or half height doors can be chosen. We recommend the half doors for those who have a carer supporting them regularly

Walk In Baths wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect easy access shower!