Mr and Mrs Dawson – Walk in Bath Testimonal

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After struggling for sometime with their mobility problems, Brian and Annie Dawson decided that their standard bathtub was becoming very difficult to get in and out of so decided to purchase their own walk in bath. Mr and Mrs Dawson were so pleased with their purchase they wanted to share their experience.


WIB: Good morning Mr and Mrs Dawson, thank you for meeting with me to share your experience. So, how had you been managing prior to getting your walk in bath installed?

Brian: No problem at all! We are more than happy to discuss our experience with you, it has been an utter delight so far! Well, up until having the walk in bath installed it was quite a struggle. I suffer with severe arthritis in my knees and hips and my wife is very much the same!

Annie: Except I don’t moan about it as much! But in all honesty we were having a difficult time getting in and out of the bath, but because our ailments had deteriorated quite slowly, we never really noticed the difficulty come on until recently.

WIB: It sounds like this walk in bath probably come in a bit sooner than it did! So what was it that eventually made consider walk in baths?

Annie: Well we had never thought of getting one cause we’d heard very little about them. The thought had never crossed our minds! It was when I was having a particularly bad day with the arthritis in my knees when I had my accident, I was going to get in the bath and I couldnt pick my leg up high enough to get into the bath and I started to lose my balance and fell backwards onto the floor!

WIB: Gosh! I hope you hadn’t done any serious damage to yourself!

Brian: I was in the bedroom at the time getting dressed when I heard Annie weeping.  So I got to the bathroom as soon as I could and saw her sat on the floor in shock so I called my next door neighbour and explained what had happened and he came around to help Annie up into the bedroom where she could have a lie down.

Annie: It was terrifying! I was in complete shock! It was very lucky we had Daniel, our neighbour, to hand. After an hour the doctor had come by to check I was okay, they said that it was just minor bruising so we were lucky this time! When the doctor had gone Daniel said that his elderly mother had done a similar thing recently so he had a look on the internet and found your website and got her a walk in bath.

WIB: I’m glad it wasn’t anything too serious Annie! So your neighbour was the one who told you about walk in baths?

Brian:  Not only did he think of the idea, he actually dealt with it for us and got us all the information we needed to make our decision.

WIB: He sounds having Daniel next door works out very well for you both! Out of all the Walk in Baths on the market, which did you decide to go with?

Annie: We don’t know what we would do without Daniel! He’s a god send!

Brian: Yes, he’s like a son to us! We chose the Sapphire 1 because it has an optional 12 jet hydrotherapy spa which we though would be a massive help for our arthritis!

Annie: Once we had decided what we wanted it was so quick, they were here to install it a few days after we placed our order and installed within a day! It was marvellous!

WIB: It sounds like you’ve been very pleased with your choice Mr and Mrs Dawson. How has having the walk in bath changed things for you?

Brian: Its made things so much better, the jets in the bath are wonderful! I could sit there for hours once they’re on, and I have a couple of times!

Annie: You’re not the only one! We’ve noticed that it has made our life outside of the bathroom much easier too as the jets sooth our arthritis so much, its fantastic. I just wish we had heard of these things sooner!

WIB: I’m glad you’ve been so happy with your purchase and thank you for sharing your experience.


Getting a new walk in bath is a big decision, and requires a lot of thought and consideration. If you require any help in your decision, or if there’s anything that you’re unsure of, please don’t hesitate to call us here at Walk in Baths on 01535 639016 for free information and impartial advice. We are here from 9am until 5pm in the evening to answer any queries you may have.