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How much does a Walk in Bath cost?

June 4th, 2013 by bernie

For those less able, a walk in bath is a welcome addition to their home. Not only does it make is much easier and safer when bathing, but a long relaxing soak can soothe any aches and pains. A walk in bath can bring back your independence in your home.

One of the most commonly asked questions about walk in baths is ‘how much will they cost?’ The answer is not completely straightforward, because the price will depend on certain factors. But before you worry about the cost of a walk in bath, you should first decide which model will be the best fit for you and your bathroom.

For those with smaller bathrooms, a compact walk in bath is no doubt the better option. This is a smaller bath, and much easily fits in a smaller bathroom. To compensate, the bath is often a little deeper, but the quick fill and drainage systems in our walk in baths mean you won’t be sat waiting to have a good long soak. The door on a walk in bath can either open inwards or outwards, so if you lack for space in your bathroom then an inward opening door would be an ideal solution.

If you need the access of a walk-in bath, but would also like the ease of a shower, then there are models of walk in baths with a shower head added. This is the best of both worlds, and it includes a low entry access point, but if you do struggle to sit or bend then a bath lift would be an advisable extra you could purchase.

Some walk-in-baths have a powered bath lift included rather than a low entry access point. This will move to lower you into the bath, and elevate you back up when you need to get out of the bath.

There are added extras that can be included, such as hydrotherapy systems and grab rails, and these should be considered depending on the user’s needs.

The price of the walk-in bath will depend on the model type. Standard baths usually start from around £1000, but walk in baths with powered lifts with often be a little more costly. It would be a good idea to look around different manufacturers and show rooms to get a feel for the range in prices, and you could even visit a walk in bath showroom to view the bath up close.

For more information on walk in baths, contact us, or visit our online store for more information on pricing.

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What is a Wetroom?

May 20th, 2013 by bernie

Wetrooms are less thought of when we think about disabled bathing. Instantly our minds will jump to a walk in bath or walk in shower. A wetroom is ideal if you find baths hard to get in and out of and the risk of standing in the shower is too hazardous.

Here at walk-in-baths we have a range of different bathing options ideal for everyone’s needs and requirements. We offer wet rooms and walk in baths with various safety options as standard. As wet rooms are open plan, there is no need to open and close shower doors or climb over bath panels, so you will always feel safe in your newly modified bathroom. Although you may need a wet room because of a disability or illness, please rest assured that wet rooms are a stylish and functional way to bathe.

Wet rooms are perfect for creating a contemporary look in your bathroom and establishing the idea of more space. Wet rooms are also easier to clean as you will not have to clean a shower screen and tiles remain in a better condition than in standard bathrooms. The wet room works through the shower head flowing freely into the watertight room which slowly drains away the water. As no grout is used, no mould will accumulate, so your wet room will be far more hygienic than a traditional tiled bathroom. The flooring used is slip resistant so your bathing experience will remain a safe one and other safety features can be added to your wet room such as: grab bars, optional folding seats, optional end glass panel, thermostatic controls and half height screens and curtains.

A wetroom certainly should be considered if you find yourself struggling getting in and out of a bath tub or feel unsafe standing in a shower. If you have any questions or need advice on what product is perfect for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01535 693016  or by email,

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Bath Lifts – Aiding the Elderly

May 13th, 2013 by bernie

As we age, deteriorating health can affect us all, especially when it comes to mobility. If you struggle to get in and out of the bath then it is important to put safety first and purchase something to make your life easier. A bath lift is one such product, and may be an affordable solution to help prevent slips and falls when getting in or out of the bathtub.

There are three types of bath lift currently available:

- Manual bath lifts

- Battery powered bath lifts

- Inflatable bath lifts

But before buying a bath lift, there are a few points to consider. These are:

Lifting height - you need to make sure the bath lift lifts high enough to reach the rim of the bath. If your bath is deeper than standard, you may go to look a bath lifts with extra tall lifting.

Balance and strength - while some bath lifts are powered, other types can require a little manual work to lift you back up. Others still require balance when the bath life is being lowered or raised in the water. In instances where you do not have excellent balance, you could also consider installing grab rails onto the walls or side of the bath. While these are not made to take a person’s full weight, they can be used for light support and as a balance aid.

Type of bath - there are many different types of baths, and certain bath lifts are not always suitable, like in the instance mentioned of having a deeper bath. If your bath have a dimpled surface on the bottom, then it may too difficult to attach the bath lift firmly and securely to the bath via use of suckers. It is extremely important for your safety that the bath lift is fitted securely at all times.

Cost - as with every product, baths lifts do come at a cost. Different types of bath lifts can cost varying amounts. While you should never put cost before your safety, we understand that you’d still like a good deal on the product you’re buying. However do keep in mind that, whatever the price, bath lifts are generally much cheaper than having a walk in bath installed, but do take careful consideration as to your needs.

Give Walk in Baths a call on 01535 693016  to discuss which bath lifts are available, and which are best suited to your needs.

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