Walk In Baths Bathing Range

At Walk-in-Baths we supply a high quality range of bathing solutions manufactured by the UK’s leading companies Companion and Premier.

We have selected a range of products designed to put the ease and comfort back into bathing. We can meet your individual needs; such as a bespoke whirlpool bath

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Why choose a walk in bath? Nothing is more relaxing than a good soak in the bath, refreshing aching bodies and revitalising tired minds. This is even truer for people that are less mobile, however getting in and out of a conventional bath can pose a real problem; a walk in bath answers this issue, making bathing a safe, easy and pleasurable experience.

A walk in bath gives the user back the independence that they would not otherwise have whilst bathing and we understand how important that is.

Whatever the user’s needs and the layout of the bathroom it is possible to find a walk in bath to meet all requirements.

Our vast walk in bath range includes a walk in bath designed for small bathrooms and a selection of walk in bath options for regular sized bathrooms. We also offer a bespoke walk in bath design service if you wish to have something more unique.

Every walk in bath featured in this website can also be fitted with a hydrotherapy system on demand for extra luxury whilst you soak.

Plenty of options are available if you wish to have a walk in bath that matches the décor in the bathroom, we manufacture every walk in bath in a number of different colours designed to match your existing bathroom suite.

Owning a walk in bath is much more affordable than you may expect with prices started at under £1000 (plus fitting). To obtain a quotation for your specific walk in bath requirement please contact us.

Fitting a walk in bath is surprisingly straightforward and can usually be done without making significant changes to the bathroom, in fact most walk in bath models can be fitted in the space previously occupied by the standard bath.

Typically a walk in bath can be fitted in just one day by a member of our skilled and experienced fitting team. Upon fitting the walk in bath they will explain the use and maintenance of the walk in bath and of course give it a fill to demonstrate it is ready to go.

Every walk in bath featured on this site is designed, manufactured and fitted to exacting standards of quality and workmanship. We trade on our reputation and so it is vital every single walk in bath customer is entirely satisfied with every element of their purchase.