Disabled Bathing Solutions

Handicap Bathing Choices

If you or a loved one suffers from a handicap bathing can be a difficult activity fraught with hazards and anxiety.

This is a great shame as handicap bathing should offer respite from aches and pains, an opportunity to let the water cushion the body and relieve sore muscles. Bathing should be a restorative experience.

We firmly believe that handicap bathing should be as relaxing and restful for the physically impaired as it is for the able bodied. Handicap bathing requires special facilities and equipment to ensure this is the case.

Often handicap bathing requires the assistance of a carer and this lack of independence can be particularly embarrassing. With the correct handicap bathing solution the intervention of another person to provide assistance can be minimised and sometimes eliminated.

On this site we bring together a comprehensive selection of handicap bathing solutions and practical advice to ensure that whichever your handicap bathing needs you can select facilities and equipment that meets them.

Handicap bathing options include walk in baths, walk in showers, disabled baths and disabled showers. The correct choice for you depends upon the handicap bathing needs of the individual and the space into which the solution is to be fitted.

On this site we offer a comprehensive selection of all handicap bathing solutions and practical advice to guide you in making the right selection of handicap bathing equipment for your needs.

If you require further guidance then please contact our team of experts who will discuss your handicap bathing requirement and can arrange for a specialist to call and carry out a handicap bathing survey.