Disabled Baths

Why Choose a Disabled Bath?

Disabled baths give the user the ability to bathe safely, conveniently and securely.

If you or a loved one is elderly, infirm or physically disabled and can no longer bathe comfortably then disabled baths enable them to enjoy bathing again.

The Benefits of Disabled Baths

Disabled baths give the user the option for a good soak rather than having to use a shower.

Whilst walk in showers offer one solution, disabled baths offer much more than just cleansing. In disabled baths water cushions the body tak Baths are not just for physical cleansing, they have therapeutic qualities that should never be underestimated. Disabled baths can offer a host of benefits to the user where they are supported and cushioned by the water to ease strained and tired muscles. The waterproof inward opening doors of disabled baths mean that access is safe and simple and the bather can rest assured that once in the disabled bath the adjustable seat will support you while you relax.ing the weight from aching and tired muscles giving a significant therapeutic effect.

Disabled baths give the user these benefits whilst providing them with assurances they will be able to use the disabled bath safely, removing a commonly encountered anxiety experienced by elderly or infirm users of conventional baths.

Difference Between Disabled Baths and Walk in Baths

Disabled baths are designed to incorporate features that take into account the user’s needs.

A walk in bath still requires the user to step in however disabled baths include an adjustable seat taking away this need. Disabled baths are a necessity for many including wheelchair and zimmer frame users and the seat in the disabled bath also supports the user while they relax.

Most disabled baths can be used independently by those with modest upper body strength but even when a carer is required to supervise use of the disabled bath its likely they will need to make minimal intervention.

The taps used on disabled baths are important and easy to reach lever tap designs enable disabled baths to be easily filled. Thermostatic controls on disabled baths ensure safe water temperature.

Quick empty mechanisms on disabled baths are available to ensure the comfort of the user.

Anti-slip coatings on the disabled baths offer that further level of assurance.

Some of the disabled baths on this site feature easy to remove doors should a carer need to gain access to the bather.

A hydrotherapy system is an option for most of the disabled baths on this site and this is good addition to be considered for your disabled bath. The circulation of water and bubbles through the disabled bath provides additional relief to users, especially those with rheumatic or arthritic conditions.

To determine if a walk in bath, walk in shower or disabled bath is the right solution contact our team of experts to discuss your needs.