Disabled Showers

Disabled Shower Considerations

When considering the needs of the elderly, infirm or disabled a shower is one option to take into account.

A disabled shower is wholly suitable for the wheelchair, zimmer frame and walking stick user and, as the user showers seated, it is also a good choice for those that find it difficult to stand or lay in the same position for long.

Disabled showers are easy to accommodate within the home, affordable and meets the needs of most users. The adjustments needed to the home for disabled showers are not at the exclusion of able bodied members of the household and disabled showers solutions look modern and contemporary.

There is a vast range of disabled showers solutions available that can be fitted into most homes and the disabled showers available vary from the functional to the downright luxurious, depending upon both needs and budget.

When selecting a disabled shower solution there are several elements to take into account:

Disabled Shower Enclosures

Disabled shower enclosures vary from a complete wet room, to a space previously occupied by a bath to a corner enclosure. The options are as wide ranging as the spaces into which they need to be fitted. Every disabled shower enclosure offered comes with an anti-slip coating option.

Disabled Shower Trays

Disabled shower trays are fitted at floor level for hazard free access, these are either flat in design or recessed into the floor.

Disabled Shower Chairs

Disabled shower chairs are important to the overall effectiveness of the solution. We offer a variety of disabled shower chairs to suit the needs of the user. Every disabled shower chair is robust, comfortable and easy to clean.

Disabled Shower Grab Rails

The inclusion of grab rails in a disabled shower solution is vital enabling the user to manoeuvre themselves safely.